IF SOMEONE TOLD YOU that you could increase childhood contententment and cherished memories with your little one by up to 90% - and at the same time, reduce baby stress  and toddler tantrums - we think you'd want to know how as well as why!

'HOW' is babysigning and the use of four, just four simple signs that can have a transformative effect on children and the grown ups who care for them.

'WHY' is something we have been researching and putting into practice for the last ten years.  We share this expertise and knowledge at our popular, friendly and inspiring Clubs around the UK and now overseas too!

‘As a Speech and Language Therapist I totally support the work you do. It's so good for interaction between parent and child.  I recommend Little Signers Club because they are well trained, with excellent programmes and well thought-out class structure’

 Endorsed and supported by Libby Hill, Consultant SLT, as featured on the Channel 4 series, 'Born Naughty?'

Little Signers Club helps children to become confident and capable communicators before speech begins using sign language - or baby signing.  As a result, thousands of parents, as well as other professionals and carers, develop happier, calmer and more engaging relationships with their children.

simple to use

quick to implement

immediately effective

builds trusting relationships

results in calm, confident and communicative little ones!

We've met so many parents, professionals and children who have benefited from using signing; their stories and continuing enthusiasm are inspiring. Using gesture to communicate is such a natural technique and, when delivered through a fun learning environment like our amazing baby or toddler signing Clubs, kickstarts a communication process that will still provide untold benefits even years later.  

It’s not quite possible to say that signing is a magic cure all but the use of signing is an incredible preventative, putting a stop to childhood frustration and upset very effectively - especially for babies and toddlers.  Signing makes the guesswork disappear and as an added benefit, everyone in your family is able to join in with the ‘conversation’.  Best of all it can be put into place easily and quickly.

Little Signers Club is committed to delivering the very best signing Clubs and Courses that you can attend.  

Our courses are delivered by highly trained, expert baby signing Leaders - many of whom have extensive Early Years experience. Our teachers are DBS checked for your peace of mind.  For preference, we use British Sign Langauge but some of our Leaders are also fluent in other sign systems too.

Try it for yourself with our free e-book, the information on our blog or see if you can attend one of our regular free baby signing sessions.

At the very least you will have a great deal of fun - but, with a little effort, we'll guarantee that you will gain a confident, more communicative child who can let you know what they need – and who doesn’t want that?




BSL sign graphics used throughout this site are reproduced with kind permission. © Cath Smith from the Lets Sign series at deafbooks.co.uk

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