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Hello! I’m Shonali!

Sign Language has a long history in my family. My mother learnt the basics of BSL back in the eighties when she lived in Welwyn garden city and would sign with my older brother who has Down Sydrome.

I have my Masters in Clinical Psychology and have worked for years in that field. More recently I started working as a therapist with children with special needs in Dubai. Most of the children I worked with were non-verbal, so I used various communication methods with them including signing.

When children have a means to communicate, it lowers their frustration and builds the parent-child relationship.

Because of my professional background, I started signing with my son from birth, but he did not seem to respond back. This was frustrating because I was aware of babies that sign back at 6 months. I still continued sign language with him. One day, around 10 months old, he signed “fish” back at me! Of all the words I signed! Since then, his repertoire of sign language has grown tremendously and our extended family has learnt all the signs and is more than happy to “help” when he signs for it!

I just want to reassure you that children are absorbing everything you do and say to them. If you are signing and feeling discouraged, don’t give up! Come join one of our classes, and we can help you with the correct techniques and information on Baby Sign Language!

For me, the most interesting thing about Sign Language, is that children may have difficulty verbally expressing what they want (even at 2 years), but they can receptively (using sign language) do it as young as 5-6 months! Sign Language is the perfect bridge to communication with your child from an early age.

I run Little Signer Club Dubai which promotes and teaches baby signing. I have my BSL level 1 training, in addition to years of experience working with different communication methods.

My classes are a safe space for mums and their little ones. At any point in time, it’s pretty normal to find one or more of our mums feeding, changing or rocking their babies to sleep while in the class.

I have tried to keep the pricing affordable for parents as I believe baby signing is a valuable tool for building a bond with your baby. There will be plenty of handouts and information on child development, speech and language.

I hope to see you in class soon.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions.


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Introduction to BSL


Signing for Early Years

Communication Development

Baby and Toddler Signing in Dubai

taught by experts ~ delivered with love

Baby Signing Basics™

Our structured, informative introduction to baby signing!

Covering key topics and signs, each session of our Baby Signing Basics course gently guides you through your baby’s communication development and helps you to understand how baby signing supports this.

Our emphasis is on fun; the course is relaxed with with plenty of practical communication and development tips.

Once you have finished this course, you will be confident in your ability to use simple signs with your little one, know exactly what to expect from your baby as they start to sign and have a repertoire of useful signs to take them through their signing day.

IDEAL FOR: 5 months +

Sing, Sign and Rhyme™

Our lively, topical and informal classes which are ideal for little ones of all ages.

Come along and join the fun!

Ideal as a follow on from our popular Baby Signing Basics course (which you may have already attended) or as a topical introduction to getting started with signing with your little one.

Based around an engaging theme each week, there is plenty of singing, signing and popular rhymes to gently engage your baby or toddler – and a gentle social time for parents too.

IDEAL FOR: 3 months +

Sing, Sign and Rhyme classes are generally split into non-movers and movers sessions – please check with your Little Signers Club Leader


Not Just for Babies!

We’ve been going along to the sessions for four weeks now and it’s been a really good experience.

Each class is very well structured, focusing on a different topic area each week (e.g. food and drink, going to the doctors, animals) and using songs, rhymes and stories to help cement the signs in your head and engage the little ones.

The classes aren’t just for my baby! I’m learning a new skill which is encouraging me to use my brain (important when sometimes the most challenging thing you deal with on a daily basis as a stay at home mum is separating the whites from the coloureds for a wash).

A Mesmerising Experience!

The classes are fun, interactive and exciting; the little ones sit ‘mesmerised’ watching us practicing the signs.

Little Signers Club has helped my little one understand everyday needs and challenges whilst learning new words and having fun.

It has also involved my eldest son Jack every step of the way (He has learn some new signs too!) and I also got to socialise with some other lovely mummies and share our weekly trials & signing experiences.

Less Frustration For Us Both

My daughter, Iris and I absolutely LOVE our weekly Little Signers Club class.

The class is so positive and welcoming and Iris loves it.

Since we’ve been going to babysigning classes I’ve noticed a massive leap in Iris’ development. She communicates more easily to tell me what she wants in everyday situations – meaning less frustration for us both.