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Rhyme and Sign; the story behind our award winning Sign Language books.
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Our lovely signed stories began life way back in 2011.

We originally approached the big publishers to help us buy the UK / British Sign Language rights to adapt existing popular children’s books.  Sadly it wasn’t to be. 

We didn’t give up but it was 2015 before we dug deep, found the courage to write the books ourselves – with encouragement from our lovely customers – and began the creative process. 

The results have been outstanding. 

Gorgeous picture books, packed with personality, that beg to be read over and over again. 

Enjoyed equally by little ones and their grown-ups throughout the UK (and beyond!), we couldn’t be more proud that our Rhyme and Sign Adventures have become ‘my baby’s favourite book’ in so many households.

Award winning BSL story books for baby signing, early years and key stage 1 from Little Signers Club.

Shelley – Little Signers Club

Cath – Lets Sign BSL

Chris – Ha! Creative

Sue – Author

written by experts ~ designed with love

inside our ‘Rhyme and Sign’ signed story books

Sign Language Glossary

easy to understand BSL signs are shown in picture format with detailed written instructions.  Signs are also shown throughout the book as an ‘at a glance’ reminder.

Rhyming Story Line

enabling little ones to anticipate words and join in with the story, increasing literacy and language ability.

Spot the Difference (not Animal ABC)

additional characters hidden throughout the story pages, bringing delight when found! Gently develops crucial pre-reading skills such as  observation, turn-taking and concentration.

Tops Tips

for getting the most out of your ‘Rhyme and Sign’ Adventure with our top tips for signed stories.

Repeating Verses

helping small children to feel capable and join in independently as they become familiar with the story.

The Perfect Addition!

to any family or early years library.  We know that all children simply adore these books and love to join in regardless of age or ability.  Loved by children with hearing impairments (and their grownups who may not be quite so familar with British Sign Language),  toddlers, pre-schoolers and Reception aged children.

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Animal ABC
a British Sign Language story book about the fingerspelling alphabet (as seen on Story Time with Fergie and Friends)

‘An amazing book, I love it’
Sarah, Duchess of York

‘Having the alphabet signs in both Left and Right hand is a brilliant idea, as well as the animal BSL signs. Perfect addition to any bookshelf – not that it will stay on there for long!’

At the Bottom of My Garden
a British Sign Language story book about minibeasts

Teach Early Years Awards Winner

Absolutely amazing!
The rhyme and repetition make it incredibly easy to read and very engaging for small people.’

Out of My Window
a British Sign Language story book about transport

A story book, a picture book, and a rhyme & sign book all rolled into one. This really is a children’s book that should be on all parents to buy lists.

Our Farmyard Friends
a British Sign Language story book about farm animals

Bizzie Baby Gold Award

I literally don’t have the vocabulary for how emotional it makes me to know parents of signing children can have access to this – and wow, you’ve done it so, so well.

Brilliant Baby Signing Bundle

getting you started on your baby signing journey with British Sign Language

Engaging, interactive, fun and informative. [baby] signing really has given my boy a voice before he can speak. And some of the proudest Mummy moments when he learns a new sign!’

We use Makaton - are these books suitable for us?

Yes of course you can! Don’t miss out.  Little people everywhere love these books and they can be enjoyed whether you sign during the story or not and regardless of the sign language system you use. At baby signing level the two sign language systems share around a 90% compatibility so there is no reason why you can’t love our Rhyme and Sign Adventures too. If you use a different sign or two from those we have in our books, simply swap them to the signs you already know. Easy! Makaton is derived from British Sign Language and so many of the signs are compatible. Our beautiful Rhyme and Sign books use BSL in English language word order, known as Sign Supported English. Of course, we don’t have Makaton symbols in our books, we have Cath’s lovely BSL sign graphics.

What age group are these books for?

Our lovely Rhyme and Sign Adventures have a wide appeal. We originally developed these books to support our baby signing classes which mean that they were aimed, really, at little ones between the ages of 18 months and 4 years. BUT! Schools have contacted us to say that they love them for their reception and KS1 children. Babies also seem to love them as they can spot their favourite characters as the stories build. And for slightly older children, for whom English is an Additional Language, or who have Special Educational Needs, they provide a great language bridge. With the push to bring BSL into schools, our Rhyme and Sign Adventures are perfectly placed to introduce simple signs from an early age and will develop with children through pre-school, reception and Key Stage 1.

Do I have to sign when I read these books?

No of course you don’t! Rhyme and Sign Adventures stand alone as beautiful stories that everyone will love and you’ll get a deep enjoyment from them whether you sign or not. Obviously we’d love you to give it a go – using sign language deeply embeds language and children of all ages really enjoy learning it. You’d be amazed at how it aids memory and how much you’ll like using your hands to talk too. If you are feeling stuck, let us know! We’ll be happy to help.

Signing and Cognitive Development

Laughter, smiles and eye contact form the very best part of cognitive development and a platform for peak learning experiences.  They fire off all sorts of amazing connections in the brain, establishing strong bonding and attachment foundations. Well loved stories, in conjunction with signing, provide young children with the experience of being deeply cared about, snuggled on a special lap with a favourite book. This is our earliest journey into literacy and language; the undivided attention of story time, with a favourite book, confirms to our little ones that they matter.

Signing and Emotional Intelligence

Some studies put children, who have learned to use signing alongside speech, as 12 IQ points ahead of their peers.  But there is so much more to signing than being  more advanced in literacy, communication and language. We’re discovering more and more about the importance of strong attachment in early childhood.  Signing helps develop this connection at a deep level and embeds in little children that they are seen, that they matter, that their ‘voice’ is important. Children who have the advantage of clear communication opportunities, where the guesswork of what they want or need simply disappears, are more independent and far less stressed. Independent and happy, signing children are motivated to learn and engage with new activities. Not only that, they develop more confidence, are more resilient and have greater self esteem.

Signing and Effective Learning

After lots of studies we now know that children are kinaesthetic learners.  This means that they learn more ably when they are able to move their bodies and are physically involved with what they are doing. Signing is quite literally ‘language in motion’ and it has amazing benefits for all children! When you use sign language with speech, children learn to connect both the sign and the word. Research has shown that it is this connection that helps little ones retain and recall information effortlessly, giving them a head start in communication, literacy and language.

Signing and Motor Skill Development

Signing is amazing for developing gross and fine motor skills.  It provides gentle exercise for the small muscles of the hands which in turn improve strength and dexterity. Fine motor skills are a crucial foundation for writing and drawing but also enable increased independence for those skills we need throughout life – the ability to dress ourselves (zips and buttons), brushing teeth – and later on, better control with cookery skills like chopping and peeling.

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