In case we haven’t met already, I’m Shelley and Little Signers Club is the multi-award winning company I founded, back in 2010.

I am a staunch advocate for little people and I help families, just like yours, to listen in and to connect more deeply with simple – but practical – communication tools.

I’m really, REALLY, good at what I do and have buckets of gentle wisdom, communication expertise and parenting experience to share with you.

But I’m not so great at being in the limelight; in fact I’ve always been the secret support behind Little Signers Club rather than the face of it.

However, I firmly believe that I’m here to hold a kind and gentle space for families, to light up the world for little ones, to help everybody be their best selves so that they can shine, so brightly.

That’s where Little Signers & Friends comes in…

It’s a safe and lovely place to:

  • get started with baby signing
  • understand more about infant mental health – and how baby signing fits into that
  • ask advice
  • share your baby signing wins
  • discover the hidden depths of baby signing, through¬†a monthly focus
  • join in with ad-hoc workshops

And it means you know exactly where to find me, too!

I know that my brave moments may be 3 steps forward, 2 steps back, as I step out from behind the scenes.

But, just like parenting, I know we’ve got this – together.

I can’t wait to meet you!

Communication. Connection. Community.

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