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Continuing Professional Development Training for Early Years


Nursery Nurse.


Childrens Centres.

Family Outreach.

SEN Support.

Teaching Assistants.

Speech and Language Therapists.

Pre-School staff.


Enhance, support and develop exceptional communication opportunities for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers.


We run a range of comprehensive workshops and training to enhance every Early Years Setting.

Using our extensive knowledge of signing, communication development and how little ones learn, you can now access a series of informative communication and signing courses that will enable you to fully understand how signing can be of benefit to young children – as well as comprehensively introduce basic first signs at your setting, enhancing all communication experiences. 

All of our training is linked back to the EYFS and is supported by our in house ICAN Licensed Tutors.

Workshops are a gentle mix of

  • tutoring
  • hands on activities
  • relevant communication tips and milestones
  • supportive theory
  • practical application in Settings
  • cases studies (where applicable)

and are endorsed by Speech and Language Therapists.  

The Early Years Pupil Premium may provide a source of funding for these Workshops.

Key Facts:

  • By 22 months a child’s development can predict educational outcomes at age 26
  • By 2 years 75% of a child’s brain growth has occured
  • By 2 years the experiences of the child physically affect brain growth
  • By 4 years the difference in the number of words different groups of children hear is 19 million
  • By 5 years a child’s vocabulary will predict their educational success and outcomes by age 30

Evidence shows that children’s understanding and use of vocabulary at 2 years old  is very strongly associated with their performance on entering school. In some areas of the UK more than 50% of children start school without the communication skills they need.

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From Twilight training to a complete day immersing your setting in the world of signing

Little Signers Club Early Years Training is in a league of its own. 

Mix and match from our Workshops for bespoke training that is relevant to you.

(workshops support ALL signed communication languages)

Duration: 90 minutes

Get Ready to Sign! An Introduction to Baby Signing

Our informative introduction to babysigning which looks at the reasons and theory behind signing as well as learning simple signs that are relevant to all children across a Setting. 

Increase your knowledge and the specifics of how to use signing correctly for the best possible communication opportunities between you and children in your care.

With reference to Maslow, Sunderland and application to the EYFS this session is fun and inspirational – with very practical outcomes that can be implemented immediately. 


Duration: 90 minutes

Signing with Babies (up to 18 months).

Learn core signs and the specifics of how to use signing correctly for the best possible communication opportunities between you and babies in your care.

This session gently guides you through communication development milestones and markers from birth to eighteen months as well as tips for successful signing.

Be confident in your ability to use simple signs with children under 18 months, know exactly what to expect from babies as they start to sign and understand the links between signing and respectful care.


Duration: 90 minutes

Signing with Toddlers (18-36 months).

This session looks at supporting speech and language development, for toddlers, using signing.  

Add to core signs and develop your signing knowledge with signs supporting abstract concepts such as emotions – alleviating frustration and tantrums in this incredibly difficult second / third year of life where signing makes the most positive difference.

You’ll look at communication development milestones and markers from 18 – 36 months and gain an understanding of how signing can be implemented with non-verbal toddlers.


Duration: 90 minutes

Signing with Talkers (3 – 5 years).

This session looks at how to assist children in acquiring the pre-requisite skills for developing communication and being school ready.

Highlighting key communication aims for older children as well as how to gently develop social skills and speech sounds, this session focuses on functional signing to assist comprehension and expressive skills. You’ll develop your signing skills further with concept signs, numbers, colours and the alphabet.

You’ll learn how children experience learning at a much deeper level with signing (as they process visual information quicker than aural words) which in turn supports receptive language skills and skills such as spelling as they get older.


Duration: 90 minutes

Signing Songs and Stories; Circle Times

Learn how to facilitate more effective learning for little ones with the inclusion of signing with songs, nursery rhymes and stories.  

You’ll be guided through the best ways to implement this and discover how signing stories and songs can support EYFS outcomes.  With useful tips for providing strategic support for little ones who may need some extra help to develop communication, literacy and language skills.

Functional, fun and with a topical theme tailored to your Setting – a great learning experience. 


We charge £300 per half day and £600 per full day of training for up to 20 attendees.  

Workshops are suitable for all Early Years Professionals and can be delivered in Nursery / Preschool / Children’s Centre settings or by group booking.

Childminder. Nursery Nurse. Nanny. Childrens Centre. Family Outreach. SEN Support. Teaching Assistants. Speech and Language Therapists. Pre-School staff. Parents

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