Our baby signing stars!

see baby signing in action with our confident, communicative and happy Little Signers! 

our gorgeous Little Signers show us how it’s done..

There are so many benefits to using sign language with your little one that it’s hard to know where to start.

But the results are always the same; confident, contented, communicative little ones, who have appropriate level communication, that meets them exactly where they are in their development.

Baby signing means that you can respond effectively – and when you can do that, you have more energy and time to devote to the wonder of the world your little one wants to share with you – rather than be stressed or make (incorrect) assumptions.

From wanting their milk, to favourite hats – or needing you to know how much they love fairies…

Come and meet our happy Little Signers – and let them show you exactly how it’s done!

‘Now, just a week after her first birthday, Imogen is the most communicative baby!


She has a repertoire of about 15 signs and 6 recognisable words.


Today alone she has started using the signs for ‘cucumber’ and ‘fairy’.


These may sound like quite random signs – and what possible use could they have?


But in her world they are VERY important.


She does all the actions to ‘wind the bobbin up’ while signing to herself and will spend 10 minutes telling Daddy all about her day when he gets in from work, involving him in the joys of her day and building a deep connection with him too.’


Baby signing mama, Louise

award winning baby signing | Little Signers Club

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