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Hello! I’m Shelley, founder (and Chief Bubble Tester) here at Little Signers Club.

I am utterly passionate about early communication, the incredible world of little people and supporting you to understand your gorgeous, amazing, baby with ease.

Babies and toddlers can use their hands to ‘talk’ months before they have their first words.

It’s called baby signing and it means that your little one can tell you what they need or want or what’s hurting or frightening – before they can speak and without tears or tantrums.

Baby signing is for little people who can hear and for little people who can’t, their grown ups – and the odd teddy bear too!

I’ve spent the last fifteen years guiding thousands of families to baby signing mastery – and ten of those wonderful years have been all about Little Signers Club, building an award winning brand that is recognised as being a leader in its field.

Together we’ve discovered that babies as young as ten weeks old can let us know that they want their milk, a nappy change or you (around whom their world revolves) with their tiny hands, without the need to cry.

And we’ve found that our signing toddlers are so confident of being understood – so communicative of their needs and joys and the wonders of their world – that tantrums, tears and misunderstandings are removed, almost completely.

What’s more, baby signing is the simplest of tools.  You only need your hands to transform the world for your baby. 

Our Head, Hands and Happy Hearts community is a brand new way to learn more about baby signing, at a gentle pace, over the course of a week. 

It’s completely FREE and we start, together, on Monday 7th October, in the Facebook group. 

I can’t wait to see you there!

With love

Shelley x








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