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I love, LOVE Bonfire Night…

It conjures up memories of treacle toffee and parkin, jacket potatoes and sausages – and, in our home, planting spent sparklers that magically turn to lollipops in the morning, courtesy of the firework fairies.

The sign for Fireworks is sure to come in handy though – and gorgeous Caleb shows us how it’s done!

You can see, even at this young age, that Caleb is using his pointer finger correctly and has curled back all of his other fingers on one hand as he forms the handshape for the firework sign.

This means that his fine motor skills are progressing beautifully.

He also shows complete comprehension and understanding of the conversation, matching his sign to the word he has heard.

Top Tip:

Using baby signing helps to prepare little ones for what’s going to happen – in this case loud bangs and bright lights.

If your little one doesn’t like loud noises but is enthralled by the colours and magic of Fireworks then ear defenders are a great plan for babies and toddlers.

Did you know?

A toddler is able to understand and comprehend at least 6 months ahead of their ability to communicate verbally.

Signing lets little ones join in the ‘conversation’ showing just how much they are taking in and the huge amount they have to share and contribute in return. It is amazing stuff!

You can get started for yourself with our brilliant 10 page Introduction to Very First Signs

Shelley - Little Signers Club

Shelley - Little Signers Club

Founder | Speaker | Author | Chief Bubble Tester | Mama of 3

Shelley is the founder of Little Signers Club and has been teaching little ones, and their grown ups, how to use sign language for accelerated communication and understanding since 2005.

Kindly regarded as an expert in her field, Shelley regularly contributes to Childcare Expo, has been featured on BBC1, BBC Radio, in Junior Magazine, Gurgle Magazine, and was a contributing author for ToddlerCalm; A Guide to Calmer Toddlers.

She has three children of her own and, when she is not sharing her love of baby signing with the world, can be regularly found toasting marshmallows over a campfire.

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