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joining Little Signers Club

‘watching him gain in confidence using his rapidly increasing repertoire of signs gives me such a fantastic, heartwarming feeling.’

You do not need to be a teacher to join Little Signers Club. The main thing is that you enjoy working with children and have enthusiasm, creativity and a desire to make a difference.

Not at all, you’ll be taught all that you need to know to start running classes. However, you are required as part of your License Agreement, to attend an Introduction to BSL before you start teaching and begin BSL Level 1 within 12 months of joining us. If you already have a BSL qualification this will be a huge help to you and a bonus for us!

To enable you to teach with Little Signers Club, you will sign an Agreement which includes a Confidentiality Agreement. This entitles you to run your classes using the Little Signers Club trademark and gives you access to lesson plans and lots of other support. If you want to cease trading, you simply have to notify us in writing giving us 60 days notice. The Agreement is not complicated and sets out what you can expect from us and equally, what we expect from you in return.

At the moment, we mainly offer courses in the UK. If you live abroad and are prepared to travel to the UK, you are welcome to come and take the course and run your Little Signers Club classes abroad. Sign language does vary from country to country so you may need to adapt some of what you learn. If you are interested in becoming a Teacher for an area outside the UK, then please do email us to find out more about this opportunity.

No, you are free to work as much or as little as you wish.   

One class a week or five, as a weekly drop in session or as a course of six weeks, a course of twelve weeks – the choice is yours.  This business is flexible and truly works around you and your commitments.   

All we ask is that you are ethical when running your business and support the brand to the best of your ability.  In return, we will support you wherever we can.

We like to encourage people to support each other rather than compete. We believe strongly that whatever you put in, so you will get back. Supporting other teachers and feeling supported is all part of the Little Signers Club ethic as often people can share workload if there is too much or they are not well. It also raises the brand profile if people see that there are more classes in their area.

No, you do not have to sell Little Signers Club products, but you may like to take advantage of having a multiple income stream. There is no pressure to sell products but you will find that many parents like to have them, so a small stock is recommended.  Our Little Signers Club Course Book does form part of the Course Package; this is a non negotiable standard throughout   

The short answer is yes, you can.  


You MUST have another responsible grown up present to look after your child.

Running classes with your child present, if you are looking after them, invalidates your public liability insurance.  You will not be able to attend to your child’s needs personally whilst running a class.  Dashing out to change a nappy or feed your child is simply not professional

Classes involve a mixture of singing, rhymes, stories, chat and theory.  You’ll be given music files which constitute the majority of what you need song wise but please be aware that signing unaccompanied will be required.  Good people skills are also a bonus!