'Rhyme and Sign' Adventures

British Sign Language supported signed stories for baby signing and hearing impaired children

Our Rhyme and Sign Adventures are a ‘captivating introduction to signing’ which gently support baby signing for all young children – and their grown ups.

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Rhyme and Sign Adventures

Expertly designed BSL Signed Stories for baby signing and children who may have hearing impariments

“Our Farmyard Friends is a captivating introduction to signing that had my children (4 1/2 and 18 months) hooked from first read.

Not only is it a delightful rhyme with engaging pictures it is a comprehensive enough guide for anyone completely new to signing to achieve mastery in just one or two read throughs.

My daughter was able to mirror back to me all the signs after just one telling and frequently uses them in other contexts.”

‘It has blown me away…. I literally don’t have the vocabulary for how emotional it makes me to know parents of signing children can have access to this – and wow, you’ve done it so, so well.’

‘This book is very interactive for children; not only because of the motor skills in signing with hands but also because it has a familiarity to it, like an old friend.

I love this book. If you are new to signing this book has what you need to start enjoying signing and storytelling and if you already sign then this compliments the fun you are already having together.’


I got this book and Wow. My son who is 5 loves it. I found that using the signs brought us both closer together and made the story come to life.
Amazing book.  Highly Recommended isn’t a strong enough sentiment for it.