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Get started with our Brilliant Baby Signing bundle – then ease into new topics together with our award winning BSL story books.


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Brilliant Baby Signing!Story Books with BSL

Step One:

Get to grips with the signs that will make the most difference with our Brilliant Baby Signing Bundle! Especially for anyone wanting to learn more about baby signing and give it a go – with our expert* knowledge and support which will take you through our Top Tips, What to Expect, How To’s and Core Competencies.

(* Little Signers Club was voted Most Outstanding Infant Sign Language Training Consultancy in both 2016 and 2017!)

Brilliant Baby Signing – getting you started on your baby signing journey with ease.

It’s as easy as….

1. Get Ready to Sign 

Be inspired to try signing for yourself as you give your baby, toddler or pre-schooler the tools to help them thrive. Start off gently with 16 Very First Signs and signing will quickly become a familiar part of your day  

2. Nursery Rhyme and Sign

Your favourite nursery rhymes to sign along to. Perfect for interactive fun with children of all ages! Gently develop motor skills as you build up your signing vocabulary together.

3. Calm and Content

Signing means babies are happier, toddler stress and distress are reduced and pre-schoolers have their emerging language supported – all through using their hands to ‘talk’.  

Step Two:

Expand your signing vocabulary with our gorgeous picture books; packed with personality and outstanding value, there is sure to be favourite topic to inspire your Little Signer.

Story Books with British Sign Language. Discover our ‘Rhyme and Sign’ Adventures!

Out of My Window

Transport / I Spy

At the Bottom of My Garden


Our Farmyard Friends

Farm Animals

Winner! 2018

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