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endorsed by Speech and Language Therapists and supported by in house ICAN licensed Tutors, our professional and comprehensive training offers all Early Years settings a truly unique and enriching experience – with transformational outcomes that can be seen immediately.


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baby signing

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baby signing

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baby signing

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Using our extensive knowledge of signing, communication development, the EYFS and teaching, you can now access a series of informative communication and signing courses that will enable you to fully understand how signing can be of benefit to young children – as well as comprehensively introduce basic first signs at your setting – enhancing all communication experiences. 

Recommendations from the Tickell review placed communication at the heart of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) in 2012; it is now more critical than ever that professionals working with young children can offer a range of services, especially those concerned with communication and inclusion.

Our training is fun, informative and has been developed to be implemented with immediate outcomes.  Our work is enhanced and supported by our in house ICAN licensed tutors as well as a Consultant Speech and Language Therapist – so you can be absolutely assured that the information you receive is developmentally appropriate for the little ones in your care.  

Put simply, you’re in the hands of experts.

‘we all (including those with decades of experience) learnt not only a profusion of signs, but also the reasons, supported by a raft of research evidence, as to their importance in augmenting young children’s communication skills’

At just 6 months old, a baby has sufficient gross motor skill development to make simple gestures.  These gestures, or signs, enable little ones to bridge the gap between communication and speech to show their important grown ups – at home, at nursery or with their childminder – what they need.

Baby signing’s greatest benefit is that it allows little ones to express themselves clearly.

Without tears.  Without tantrums.  Without misunderstanding.

By using simple signs in conjunction with speech, even young babies gradually learn to make a connection between sign, word, and action – the process is much the same as the way they learn to speak. For toddlers, signing supports their just developing speech and for older children, you are laying strong foundations for literacy and language.


The results are calmer, more contented and confident children who are not only deeply connected with the responsive adults around them but more able to enjoy and undertake peak learning experiences (Maslow / Bloom).

A WIN-WIN position for every Early Years Setting. 


Be inspired….

Learn how signing meets the EYFS

Enhance language development at all ages and stages

Establish respectful and trusting relationships

Provide ‘peak’ experiences for young children 

Support emerging literacy and language skills for school readiness

EAL and SEN inclusivity

EYPP activity

‘it was clear that our Little Signers Club trainer was a consummate communicator; her extensive knowledge, passion and sense of purpose regarding the proven benefits to children of baby signing were both thought-provoking and truly inspiring.

Her audience were totally engaged throughout the session.’ 


Friday 3rd March 2017 10.30am

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