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‘who wouldn’t want their child to be the first among their peers to be communicating, to be the most chilled out, to be happier, to have a real head-start?’


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Using gestures to enhance communication, for all ages and abilities, is part and parcel of everyday life.  It is thought that up to 80% of communication is non-verbal – made through gesture, body language and intonation.

Gesture communication – or signing – with small children is naturally intuitive; we wave ‘bye bye’, encourage clapping and point to draw attention to things that are of interest.

By harnessing this natural inclination for gesturing, we can give children an indispensable tool to communicate with – and by so doing, a voice much sooner than waiting for them to be able to speak.

Known as ‘babysigning’, this more formal use of gestures provides a far deeper and more meaningful connection between you and your little one.

Babysigning is a truly delightful experience; it provides an enhanced connection that is deeply gratifying for parents and carers whilst being a wonderfully empowering skill for babies and toddlers.

A simple, easy to learn tool that can provide a myriad of benefits, babysigning is a must for parents and those in early years, bringing about a shared feeling of contentment and understanding.

proven benefits of babysigning..

  • ·     Upset, tears and tantrums disappear – babies and toddlers don’t need to cry to get what they need; older children can be clearly understood even if speech sounds are not yet fully developed.

    ·        Reduces your child’s stress levels and the release of the stress hormone, cortisol (now linked to depression in later life) for children and parents.

    ·        Provides an easy way to communicate for little ones – both before speech begins and as it develops.

    ·        More complex language development, generally at an earlier age.

    ·        Helps you to distinguish what your little one actually means when speech begins, leading to more connection, empathy and understanding

    ·        Develops language and literacy skills which are at the heart of young children’s learning; children who communicate effectively learn more easily

    ·        More ‘peak experiences’ – memories to cherish and joyful, heartfelt moments enjoyed together.

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