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‘watching him gain in confidence using his rapidly increasing repertoire of signs gives me such a fantastic, heartwarming feeling.’

baby signing

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baby signing

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baby signing

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baby signing

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Food. Drink. Sleep. Comfort. Clean nappy.

A baby’s most basic needs.

Little ones don’t need very much in order to grow and thrive – but wouldn’t it be incredible if grown ups could work out what it was that was needed BEFORE tears set in?  

Introducing just a few simple, and easy to learn, signs can help to reduce tears, stress and frustration, for you and your baby.

Manage your baby’s stress response and reduce their exposure to high levels of cortisol.

transforming chaos to calm…

At just 6 months old, a baby has sufficient gross motor skill development to make simple gestures.  These gestures, or signs, enable little ones to bridge the gap between communication and speech to show their important grown ups – at home, at nursery or with their childminder – what it is that they need.


Baby signing’s greatest benefit is that it allows babies to express themselves clearly.


By using simple signs in conjunction with speech, babies gradually learn to make a connection between sign, word, and action – the process is much the same as the way they learn to speak. The difference is that a baby’s ability to make simple gestures develops many months before their vocal mechanism has developed enough to speak and it can be a year or more before they can tackle more complex words.


The results are calmer, more contented and confident children who are deeply connected with the responsive adults around them.


‘wow, what a wondeful gift to give a child.

It’s saying “I LOVE YOU” over and over and over and over and over again’

Dr Martha Bullock Lamberts, Human Development Specialist, on Baby Signing

chaos to calm… your babysigning adventure awaits!

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