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If you hate seeing your baby in tears, or are desperate to gain clarity over confusion and distress with your toddler, baby signing is for you.

Babies and toddlers can use their hands to ‘talk’ – months before they have their first words.

It’s called baby signing and it means that your little one can tell you what they need or want or what’s hurting or frightening – before they can speak and without tears or tantrums. 

The best bit?  

You only need your hands to transform the world for your baby.

The second best bit?

You can start right now.

“The difference a few simple signs (like Milk, Food and More) made were amazing. His little face would light up every time I knew what he meant.”

baby signing Mummy, Lorraine.

“Who wouldn’t want their child to be the first to be communicating, to be the most chilled out, to be happier, to have a real head-start?”

baby signing Daddy, Ben.

“Put in the effort at the beginning and once your baby starts signing it really pays off – it’s like opening a box of treasure!”

baby signing Mummy, Rachel.

“My little girl was sick all day. Despite the fact that she was really upset she was able to sign to me that she wanted blueberries. That, to me, is what signing is about; being able to communicate even before she can talk and in difficult situations. She looked so relieved once she knew she was understood.’”

baby signing Mummy, Claire.

“I like being able to know what she needs from me – her milk or bubbles to play with. Signing builds my confidence that we are having a good day and helps her to build her trust in me as well.’”

baby signing Grandma, Janet.

your baby signing journey with Little Signers Club

From Dubai to Devon (and a whole heap of places in between!) we’ve seen how much you love learning to sign with us.

Over the last decade we’ve been guiding thousands of families and early years settings in the hows and whys of baby signing.  Learning with us is simple, fun – and brilliantly practical. You’ll get all the tips and support you need for signing success. 

Together we’ve discovered that babies as young as ten weeks can let us know that they want their milk, a nappy change or you (around whom their world revolves) with their tiny hands, without crying. 

And we’ve found that our signing toddlers are so confident of being understood and so communicative of their needs that tantrums, tears and misunderstandings are removed almost completely.

Many of our lovely families would agree that they bypassed the ‘terrible two’s’ altogether – and  find that Little Signers Club is an experience they don’t want to come to an end.  


No more guess work. 

Getting to the heart of what your baby needs without confusion.


A window into your baby’s world.

Happy babies, contented toddlers; a shared understanding. 


Simple works best.

Our easy to follow framework is transferable – wherever you are.  

three ways to understand your baby (without tears or tantrums)

Cosy Classes

Lovely groups where you and your Little Signer will feel part of the family.

Brilliant Books

Award winning BSL Story Books and our two step starter guide.

Inbox Inspiration

A little bit of our baby signing magic straight to your inbox. 

baby signing showcase (because seeing is believing)

Frannie signs Milk

Albert signs More

signing (nappy) Change

baby signing | taught by experts ~ delivered with love

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