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Animal ABC, a ‘Rhyme and Sign’ Alphabet read by Sarah, Duchess of York

Sarah, Duchess of York signs Animal ABC

‘An amazing book, I love it!’
Sarah, Duchess of York

Signed Stories! Animal ABC Collection

BSL fingerspelling story book and resources for children

Welcome to Little Signers Club!


It is truly astonishing what our little people are capable of, when we step forward with trust, tenderness and confidence on our parenting journey. 

And when you are new to being a family, knowing where to turn for gentle, continuum, parenting support (that truly works) can be confusing.

Communication tools that meet your baby, toddler or two, right where they are in their development, are the key.


But what are those first communication tools?

We champion baby signing (or baby sign / baby sign language).


And does baby sign work?

The evidence is overwhelming that yes, baby signing does work  – and more importantly, it can work for you too!

If you’re not sure where to start, let Little Signers Club take you by the hand and guides you to simple, uncomplicated, solutions for your biggest parenting worries and stresses.

Just by using your hands (and BSL keyword signs) you could reduce the stress and frustration of toddlerhood by up to 90%.


The results? 

Confidence, connection and an unshakeable belief that together, you and your tot, you’ve got this. 


Ready to get started with baby sign for yourself? 

We’ve got everything you need from award winning classes to award winning books. 

with love
Shelley x


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Our 10 page step by step guide and gentle 5 day email series introduces you to baby signing, the Little Signers Club way.

Learn the signs that make the biggest difference, for the longest time – and discover how connected parenting helps everyone to shine.

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Our online parenting courses bring our baby signing experience, combined with practical tips and communication expertise, to you!

Get to the heart of connected parenting, with tenderness and trust.

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Join the thousands of families who rave about our award winning classes!

Playful parenting, early communication and practical sign language know-how come together – providing you with heart-led, intuitive solutions for your biggest worries. 

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bsl books for kids

Our award winning signed story books have delighted little ones everywhere since 2016!

Using sign language, alongside speech, gives tots a head start in literacy and language; our delightful signed stories make learning easy, accessible and inclusive. 

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“The difference a few simple signs (like Milk, Food and More) made were amazing. His little face would light up every time I knew what he meant.”

baby signing Mummy, Lorraine.

“Who wouldn’t want their child to be the first to be communicating, to be the most chilled out, to be happier, to have a real head-start?”

baby signing Daddy, Ben.

“Put in the effort at the beginning and once your baby starts signing it really pays off – it’s like opening a box of treasure!”

baby signing Mummy, Rachel.

“My little girl was sick all day. Despite the fact that she was really upset she was able to sign to me that she wanted blueberries. She looked so relieved once she knew she was understood.”

baby signing Mummy, Claire.

“I like being able to know what she needs from me – her milk or bubbles to play with. Signing builds my confidence that we are having a good day and helps her to build her trust in me as well.’”

baby signing Grandma, Janet.

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Your FREE 10 page baby signing guide with printables! Tantrum taming, tear busting, connection creating, trust building tools for you and your little one.

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  Juliette signing her colours at 18 months!  In this short video you will see gorgeous Juliette signing colours with her Mama. You can see how excited she is to communicate what she knows and how she is able to make the sign to support her emerging speech....

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