kind words from you, about us

our team aren’t particulalry big on blowing their own trumpets – but they do a simply amazing job. these are just some of the kind words we have received about their classes…. 


Ben, baby signing Daddy to Fin


‘I think somehow it’s easier for mums to develop ways of communicating with babies, they seem innately able to read those subtle cues, tell the difference between cries, but baby signing unlocks some of these mysteries for everyone.

As a father I feel like I can meet my son’s needs now.

When he first signed to me that he needed a nappy change (at 4 months old!), and he did, I was bowled over’


Frances, baby signing Mummy to Sam

‘I decided to take Sam to baby signing classes for two reasons. Firstly for some much needed adult company and more so because Sam was such an inquisitive and vivacious little boy.

I was becoming so despondent – needless to say tired and frustrated – by his growing dissatisfaction, no matter what I did with him or where I took him he seemed to constantly need more.

I was the Mummy at your average mother and baby group desperately trying to chat and feel normal again.

Whilst all the other little babies happily played on the mat, Sam was fidgety, frustrated and needed constant attention. I was fighting the tide expecting him to play happily whilst I indulged in a cup of tea and chocolate muffin. Sam wasn’t that sort of child and so I decided to do something for both of us.

It was a crucial turning point and the best decision I have made in what had been a hard, emotional first six months of being a Mummy. I truly believe that taking Sam to baby signing classes opened a gateway in his mind, enhanced his brain development and helped him to become a calmer, more communicative baby.

I looked forward to each class as the pleasure and involvement Sam showed during the sessions was a breath of fresh air to me.

No frustration, no fidgeting.

Instead smiles, laughter and one contented little boy who I was at last able to understand and enjoy.

Oh and I made some wonderful friends too who made me feel very normal again.”

we transform chaos to calm for thousands of parents every year…


Jessica, baby signing Mummy to Evie

We had such a lovely last day of term Christmas lesson.

We have been going to Hannah’s lessons for a year now and the kids have enjoyed every lesson; Evie uses signing whenever she gets frustrated with me or her daddy not understanding what she is trying to say.

I would definitely recommend Little Signers Club to anyone.


Charlotte, baby signing Mummy

I highly recommend Little Signers Club with Alison.

Me and my little one have been going to Alison’s signing classes since my little girl was 4 months old..  She is now a year old and it’s brilliant!

We love coming and will keep coming!! Xxx

memories that shine….


Katie, baby signing Mummy to Ethan

Cannot recommend Little Signers Club enough…

We started baby signing with Ali when Ethan was just 5 months old. Now at 14 months he has a huge vocabulary for his age, all greatly helped by signing.

We are able to develop his speech quickly as he attempts to talk with each sign; these words initially would be unidentifiable but with the help of the accompanying sign we quickly become aware of what he is trying to say and can then help him to develop his language skills until the word finally becomes identifiable without the need for a sign.

Ali’s classes are always a fun and relaxed environment without any expectation for the little ones to sign back while we’re there – this is an especially important part of baby signing for us as Ethan is not generally a class performer!

Signing has made me more observant as a mummy; always trying to watch for signs and taking the time to slow things down and to help Ethan identify his needs.


Anne, baby signing Mummy to Isobel

Signing was brilliant.

It made Isobel a very relaxed toddler, she rarely has a tantrum and never had one before she could talk. All my friends and relatives were amazed at how well she communicated using signing, it just made life so much easier because I always knew what the problem was.

For instance, my mum and I went to the supermarket just after lunch. Isobel had eaten plenty of lunch, but she started to grizzle. I asked what the matter was and she signed for food. If she hadn’t been able to sign I wouldn’t have thought she was hungry because she had just had lunch, and she would have got more and more annoyed and we would have had a miserable afternoon.

It made no difference to her speach she started to talk at the same time as her friends possibly even a bit earlier and she now has a very big vocabulary and never stops talking. She has forgotten almost all her signs but she still remembers please and thank you and still uses sorry, when she is really trying to emphasise the sorry.

‘watching him gain in confidence using his rapidly increasing repertoire of signs gives me such a fantastic, heartwarming feeling.’

chaos to calm… your babysigning adventure awaits!