Baby signing isn’t just a simple gesture; it holds the power to transform the way you connect and communicate with your little one. 

Join me as I walk you through this lovely video clip of Maddie baby signing EAT and my observations on what is happening, beyond ‘just’ baby signing.


Signs are stars in the world of baby communication

It can be challenging to get to the bottom of what babies need or want.

And that’s where baby signing shines, creating understanding before tears and establishing that yes, you’ve got this – you and your baby – together. 

By introducing simple signs, such as “EAT” or “MILK,” you can empower your baby to express their needs before they can even speak. This early communication helps alleviate the guessing game, reducing frustration for both you and your little one.

One of the key pain points that baby signing addresses, over and over again, is the frustration that we so often experience when we can’t decipher what our babies actually want.

It’s one thing to read about how brilliant baby signing is – but what better way to see what baby signing could mean for you, than to introduce you to our gorgeous baby signing stars? 



Baby Signing Eat – Maddie shows us how (British Sign Language)

In this little clip you’ll see gorgeous Maddie signing EAT with her Mama.

If you look closely, you’ll see that Maddie takes a moment to understand what her Mama is saying and then responds with all the signs she uses to show she knows the sign for EAT.

First she moves her finger to her mouth and then makes a splayed hand motion.

This splayed hand gesture is what you’ll find that little ones most commonly do when they start to make the sign for EAT for themselves.

A little further on, you’ll see that Maddie has actually grasped the correct way to sign EAT, with the bunched hand – but she isn’t as confident with that yet, so reverts to the splayed hand gesture.

Making signs correctly takes time; sometimes families like to use their little ones own interpretation of the sign – and that’s ok.

The aim of baby signing is to create communication, connection and understanding.

However, if you can, do keep signing the correct sign back to your baby; as you’ll see from Maddie’s actions, she is so nearly there!


Getting started with baby signing

Getting started with baby signing is, fortunately, way easier than you might think.

1. Begin by familiarising yourself with a few basic signs relevant to your baby’s everyday needs and routines – things like eat, milk, drink, cuddle, sleep and nappy change.  You’ll find some of these very first signs for babies and toddlers further down on the blog.

2. Online resources and video tutorials, like the one featuring our adorable baby signing star, Maddie, can guide you in learning these signs.

3. Start by introducing one sign at a time, consistently using it in context when interacting with your baby. Repetition and consistency are key to helping your baby grasp the meaning of the sign.

It’s important to note that your baby may initially have their own interpretation of a sign, just like Maddie’s splayed hand gesture for “EAT.”

Don’t worry!

This is a normal part of the learning process. Encourage your baby’s attempts and continue modeling the correct sign. Over time, you’ll witness your baby’s progress and their growing confidence in using the correct sign.

The benefits to of baby signing are community wide.

When we use British Sign Language (or country/ language specific signs) we contribute to a more inclusive and connected community. Baby signing opens up avenues of communication and belonging for everyone involved, bridging gaps between babies, parents, and even caregivers.

Are you ready to start your own baby signing journey?

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Baby Signing Expert and Award-Winning Educator

Shelley is a renowned expert in baby signing, applied to early parenting, and an award-winning educator at Little Signers Club.

With a passion for empowering parents, she guides families on a remarkable journey of connection through the magic of baby signing.

As an award-winning educator, Shelley combines her in-depth knowledge of sign language with her understanding of the unique challenges and joys of early parenting.

Shelley will be your trusted guide and cheerleader, helping you navigate the fascinating world of early communication and celebrating the milestones along the way.

Her expertise and passion will empower you to create an unbreakable bond with your baby through meaningful connections and joyful communication. 

First signs for baby signing

Baby Signing Milk

Baby Signing Eat

Baby Signing Bed

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