If you’re looking to enhance a love of reading, develop early communication skills and forge meaningful connections with your little one  – all with ease and enjoyment – you’re in for a treat!

Get ready to explore the wonders of sign language story books and discover how Little Signers Club is championing effective and inclusive communication, for all ages, with their award winning Rhyme and Sign series.

The Enchanting Allure of Sign Language Books: Loved by little ones

Little ones everywhere are falling head over heels for sign language books and, here at Little Signers Club we’ve created an enchanting, award winning collection of story books that beg to be read over and over again.

The Rhyme and Sign collection is a series of books that combine storytelling and sign language, sparking wonder and curiosity in children.

Whether they sign along during the story or simply immerse themselves in the captivating narratives, our Rhyme and Sign series of sign language books provide an inclusive and delightful experience for everyone – where even the littlest of fingers can join in.


Unlocking BSL in Sign Language Books: Bridging the Communication Gap

BSL has an incredible superpower – it allows everyone to convey thoughts, feelings, and ideas through visual communication. Or, as Marilyn Daniels would say, sign language is ‘language in motion’.

And guess what?

BSL acts as a fantastic bridge, connecting signers and non-signers alike through the universal appeal of British Sign Language.  When we add sign language to stories, we unlock the magic of BSL , fostering communication and creating connections among diverse audiences.


Making BSL Your Own: Embracing BSL in Sign Language Books

British Sign Language takes centre stage in our award winning Rhyme and Sign story book series as it is the UK’s fourth indigenous language.

You may use other visual communication aids, like Makaton – but you don’t need to worry!  Little people everywhere LOVE, love these books – and they can be enjoyed whether you sign during the story or not AND regardless of whether you use BSL or Makaton or Signalong.

At baby signing level British Sign Language and Makaton share around a 90% compatibility, so there is no reason why you can’t love our Rhyme and Sign story books too.

This is because Makaton was derived from BSL in the first place.

There ARE some signs that will be a little different.
Cow, for example, and Giraffe.

So if you do use a different sign or two from those we have in our books, simply swap them to the signs you already know.


Our beautiful Rhyme and Sign books use BSL in English language word order, sometimes known as Sign Supported English or keyword signing. They don’t use BSL syntax and are therefore a wonderful way to introduce signing vocabulary at any age and stage.

Rhyme and Sign Books: topical BSL Keyword Vocabulary

Our Rhyme and Sign books are a combination of storytelling and BSL keyword signing vocabulary.

These books aren’t just entertaining; they nurture language development and communication skills in children of all ages and capabilities.

By introducing BSL signing within rhythmic and engaging narratives, children acquire the relevant, topical signing vocabulary while immersing themselves in stories that they adore.


Making BSL a Breeze: BSL Sign Graphics in Sign Language Books

Learning and implementing BSL can sometimes feel like yet another thing to remember and do!

But our sign language books have been especially created to make your British Sign Language journey easy, with the right signing vocabulary at your fingertips.

Throughout our Rhyme and Sign story book series, you’ll find the visually stunning and informative BSL sign graphics of Cath Smith, the UK’s leading Early Years sign language author.

These graphics accompany each book, making it really easy for learners of all ages and stages to follow along and master topical BSL keywords with confidence. You’ll absolutely love the seamless combination of engaging storytelling and crystal-clear sign graphics that make these stories a joyful and accessible experience for everyone.

BSL Stories: Sign Language Adventures for All Ages and Stages

The Rhyme and Sign series was inspired, in part, by my eldest daughter, who has Auditory Processing Disorder at a level that is classed as ‘hearing deaf’. 

I firmly believe that these gorgeous sign language books should be a gateway to communication for individuals of all ages and stages.

And it seems that other people think so too, as multiple award winners of the Teach Early Years Awards.

From the tiniest tots taking their first steps in sign language to early learners, Key Stage 1 students, individuals with special educational needs (SEN), and even those exploring English as an Additional Language (EAL), there’s something magical waiting for each and every one of you.

These books open up a world of possibilities for inclusive communication, allowing you to embark on a sign language adventure and expand your signing vocabulary.


In Conclusion: Lets Embrace the Magic of BSL in Sign Language Books

Our collection of enchanting Rhyme and Sign books is a testament to the beauty and effectiveness of sign language as a means of communication.

Through their heartfelt commitment to inclusivity, accessibility, and the power of storytelling, they invite you to embark on a journey that transcends barriers, creates communication opportunities and genuine connection.

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Baby Signing Expert and Award-Winning Educator

Shelley is a renowned expert in baby signing, applied to early parenting, and an award-winning educator at Little Signers Club.

With a passion for empowering parents, she guides families on a remarkable journey of connection through the magic of baby signing.

As an award-winning educator, Shelley combines her in-depth knowledge of sign language with her understanding of the unique challenges and joys of early parenting.

Shelley will be your trusted guide and cheerleader, helping you navigate the fascinating world of early communication and celebrating the milestones along the way.

Her expertise and passion will empower you to create an unbreakable bond with your baby through meaningful connections and joyful communication. 

The Rhyme and Sign series

Little Signers Club British Sign Language baby sign nursery rhymes early years

Animal ABC

a BSL story about the alphabet


At the Bottom of My Garden
a BSL story about minibeasts


Our Farmyard Friends
a BSL story about farm animals


Out of My Window
a BSL story about things that go / transport


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