Parenting is a remarkable journey filled with love, joy, and constant (constant) learning.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the world of baby signing and how it adds a whole new dimension to your parenting experience.  

Discover the incredible benefits of baby signing and witness, for yourself,  the transformation of little red faces filled with frustration to smiles, connection and understanding.


The Benefits of Baby Signing

As parents, we are always seeking ways to support our children’s development and strengthen our bond with them.

Baby signing really comes into its own as a powerful and supportive parenting tool, offering numerous benefits for both parents and children.

Here are some key advantages of baby signing:

Enhancing Communication:

Baby signing provides a bridge between the pre-verbal stage and spoken language. It enables even tiny babies to express their needs, thoughts, and feelings before they can articulate them verbally. This early communication promotes a deeper understanding between parents and children.

Fostering Independence:

Baby signing empowers little ones to communicate their desires and preferences independently. It reduces frustration and promotes their sense of autonomy, as they can tell you what they need or want specifically, without relying solely on crying or other cues.

Boosting Language Skills:

Research suggests that baby signing can positively impact language development. It introduces infants to the building blocks of language, such as vocabulary, grammar, and syntax. As they acquire a visual and kinesthetic understanding of signs, research shows that they may exhibit enhanced linguistic abilities later in life.

Strengthening the Parent-Child Bond:

Baby signing creates a unique and intimate bond between you and your tot. It fosters a shared language, promotes active listening, and deepens the connection as both parties actively participate in the communication process.


Beginning your Baby Signing Journey

Once we can understand the benefits a little more, it’s time to begin on your baby signing journey!

Here are some practical steps to get started:

Learn More:

Learn the basics of baby signing by reading books, watching videos, or attending classes. Familiarise yourself with common signs and their meanings to effectively teach them to your child.

Our Brilliant Babysigning Bundle or beginners online course, Ten Little Fingers are both perfect for this!

Start Early:

Introduce baby signing when your child is around six* months old. At this stage, they begin to develop the motor skills necessary to imitate simple signs.

*yes, you can start earlier, from birth if you want to, but you’ll need to keep things really simple and it’s more about your baby’s clues and cues rather than their signs at this stage.

Use Repetition and Reinforcement

Consistency is key in teaching baby signing. Incorporate signs into everyday routines and interactions. Repeat signs frequently, associating them with relevant words or actions, to reinforce their meaning.

Be Patient and Encouraging:

Remember that learning baby signing is a gradual process. Be patient as your little one takes time to understand and produce signs. Celebrate their efforts and achievements along the way, providing positive reinforcement.

Make it Fun:

Everyone learns better when things are fun!

Your tot will love learning through play and baby signing is an interactive and inclusive activity that can involve everyone equally.  These are simple activities that will enhance your baby signing journey:

  • or use signing during regular activities like mealtimes and bath times – in fact any time where things happen regularly in your little one’s day.
    (have a peep at our gorgeous My First Weaning Signs Guide) .

Creating a joyful and engaging environment will make learning together a huge amount of fun – which means that both you, and your baby or toddler, will want to engage even more! 


Baby signing: opening up a world of easy communication…

There is no question that baby signing opens up a world of communication and connection for parents and their little ones.

When you include baby signing on your parenting journey, you unlock the power of meaningful interaction, which in turn fosters independence, and strengthens the parent-child bond immeasurably.

I’d love you to dive into the world of baby signing with me; your little one’s communication skills will flourish, understanding increases and a world of wonder awaits.

It’s so simple, readily available at your fingertips. 

Are you ready to embark on a remarkable journey of discovery, love, and shared language?

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Baby Signing Expert and Award-Winning Educator

Shelley is a renowned expert in baby signing, applied to early parenting, and an award-winning educator at Little Signers Club.

With a passion for empowering parents, she guides families on a remarkable journey of connection through the magic of baby signing.

As an award-winning educator, Shelley combines her in-depth knowledge of sign language with her understanding of the unique challenges and joys of early parenting.

Shelley will be your trusted guide and cheerleader, helping you navigate the fascinating world of early communication and celebrating the milestones along the way.

Her expertise and passion will empower you to create an unbreakable bond with your baby through meaningful connections and joyful communication. 

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